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Flower Petal Suncatcher Craft


We love using nature in our crafts and being inspired by nature, and what better opportunity then when the roses in our garden begin to lose their petals and we can easily collect them and use them for fun!  So today we made some suncatchers using a technique that I haven't tried before and is so effective (but requires a lot of patience!)

What you'll need:
  • flower petals
  • glue
  • plastic lid
  • flower shaped cookie cutter

These suncatchers are so easy to make that even the youngest toddlers could help to make them!  We started by collecting flower petals from the garden.  The kids loved doing this and came back with loads!  We then had to sort through them and take out the prettiest ones to use.  I even let them pick a few lavender flowers to add to our suncatchers as well.

We made these in two different ways as I was curious to see how the different techniques would work.  For Ethan, as he's older, we placed a flower shaped cookie cutter on a piece of greaseproof paper and he filled the shape with glue.  The challenge here was not to move the cookie cutter at all so that the glue wouldn't seep out the sides.

For Ivy we made it a bit simpler by just using a plastic lid from a yogurt pot, this way she could easily fill the lid with glue with no concern about it moving or glue coming out the sides.

The kids then chose the flower petals that they liked and placed them into their glue filled lid and cookie cutter.  They were very careful to place them all around in a pretty pattern and wanted to see their suncatchers straight away.

The hard part was to then wait for the glue to dry!  Because there is so much glue it took three full days to dry, and that is a long time to wait for young children. 

The suncatchers look fantastic now hanging up on our window and were worth the wait!  I definitely think that the one that we did in the lid looks better and dried easier, so that is the technique that we would recommend.

If you'd like to try make them another day, why not pin this idea for later:

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  1. We will have to try this with our roses. I love finding activities like this that work on squeezing the glue bottle and building their hand muscles. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

  2. What a really pretty little craft and a fab way to make a little summer keepsake :)


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