2 years old

Canada Day Shakers


It's almost Canada Day and we're starting to get excited for our celebrations.  And what better way to celebrate than making these cute little shakers together that we can make noise with during our Canada Day party!

What you'll need:

  • yogurt pots (these are from the little yogurt drinks)
  • red electrical tape or washi tape
  • Canada stickers
  • scissors
  • rice or lentils

We started by cleaning and taking the labels off our yogurt pots, then we decorated them to look like Canada flags.  First the kids each chose a sticker to place in the middle of their yogurt bottle.

Then they wrapped the red electrical tape around each end of the bottle to look like the stripes at the side of each flag.

Next they scooped up the lentils and poured them into each of their bottles to make the shakers.

Then I helped them to tape up the top of the yogurt pots to make sure that they were fully covered so that none of the lentils would come out when they're shaken.  I tried to make them very secure as I know how vigorously the kids will be waving them around!

They are just that simple to make and ready for the kids to shake around and have fun celebrating Canada Day!

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