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Snow Storm in a Bottle


We have been challenged by Bostik this month to make a weather themed craft, so as strange as it may appear for May, we've made a snow storm in a bottle!

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What you'll need:

We are really into our slow moving sensory bottles now, they're so much fun to play with keep the kids interested in how things move through them.  Our most recent one was this Submarine in a Bottle that used a slightly different method, but today we've tried using glue and it's worked really well.

We started by pouring the whole tube of clear glue into the measuring cup, then adding the whole tube of glitter glue and whisking them together.  Then we added some warm water up to 300ml (the size of the bottle we used) and whisked together until the glitter and glue were well blended with the water.

We then carefully poured the mixture into the bottle and then added all our our little gems and charms to the bottle.

I used white glue to seal the lid on (and may end up adding some tape over that as well, just to be sure that the lid stays on very securely). Then once that glue is dry the bottle will be ready to play with.

It's mesmerising to watch the glitter swirl around the bottle when it's shaken, and the gems as they slowly fall through the glue mixture.  I think that a second bottle of glue could have worked well to make the gems fall even slower.  This is great to play with and learn about the weather as well as sitting down and watching as a tool to calm down during hectic 

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* This is a review post, we were provided with a box of craft supplies from Bostik to make crafts and write our honest opinions.*

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  1. What a fun little craft for little ones! I bet this would be fab with lots of coloured glitter too (A rainbow snow storm if you will!)

  2. Your line about using it as a tool to calm down during hectic moments made me think of a lava lamp! Maybe that's another project for a rainy day!

  3. This is just lovely. Both mine would adore it

  4. I love this Niki, sometimes simple is best and this is a great calm down bottle

  5. Such a lovely idea, one I have tired here with the kids adding food colour to water but I like your glue idea to make the gems settle more slowly.

  6. Such a great way to use up old bottles. I remember making similar with jam jars x

  7. Oh my kids would love to do this x

  8. Any frozen fan will love doing this

  9. What a simple thing to make - my two would have loved this a few years ago x x

  10. What a great idea I am sure the kids must have enjoyed making it lots


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