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Dinosaur Puppet Play


We are always looking for fun toys to play with that we can use in a variety of ways, so we are loving these Dinosaur Puppets on a Stick from Learning Resources.  They are perfect for imaginative play and making up our own little dino stories!

They come in a set of 3 puppets called Buster, Stomper and Crusher.  They are bright and colourful and very easy for little ones to use and play with.  

There is a small lever on the stick that can be pushed down in order to open the dinosaur's mouth.  There is also a ball at the bottom of the stick that can be pulled to open the mouth.  This was great as each of the kids found it easier to do it different ways, so it was nice to have those options.

Straight away the kids were opening up the dinosaurs mouths and making them roar loudly!  I think that they could have spent ages just roaring at each other!  Then we decided to use the box as our stage (this puppet theatre we made a few years ago would have been perfect too!) to put on a little puppet show.

It was fun to make up little stories with the dinosaurs meeting each other and playing together.  It gave us the opportunity to talk about the sort of things that dinosaurs would have done and what these three dinosaurs might have said to each other!

I love all of the little details on the puppets, the facial features are fantastic and the differences between the teeth on the herbivores and carnivore make a great learning opportunity.

The kids come out with such unique little stories to go with the dinosaurs and it's also a great opportunity to deal with other issues that are going on with the kids and playing out situations through the dinosaurs.  Who says that dinosaurs can't have a little lesson in sharing with each other and making new friends?  We can make any stories we like, and we're having lots of fun coming up with them!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Dinosaur Puppet-on-a-Stick set from Learning Resources in order to play with them and write our honest opinions.*

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