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My Fairy Garden - Lilypad Gardens Review


I probably shouldn't admit this, but my kids watch tv in the morning while I drink my coffee and before I make breakfast (it's safer for everyone this way) and this means that they see toy ads, some which make no impact and some which they love so much that they single the jingles all the time and ask if they can have them.  My Fairy Garden was one of these that they both loved at first sight, and were so excited when I told them that we were getting the Lilypad Gardens to play with and review.

The Lilypad Gardens set comes with a large flower pot (in several pieces), Lily the fairy, a few little lilypads, a little frog, a sunflower windmill and some grass seeds.  It's very easy to set up, and all that you need to provide is the soil for the seeds.  

We decided to buy a couple of little plants as well (I'm not much of a gardener and wanted it to look pretty for our fairy right away).  We filled our fairy garden with soil and planted our blueberry and blackberry plants to make it look lovely for our fairy.

Then the kids each filled up their watering cans and watered the plant as well as filling up the moat around the bottom, and placed the lilypads and frogs into the moat to float around.

Then it was time to play with Lily the fairy in her new home.  Ivy loves opening up the little door and having the fairy go in and out and fly all around the garden.  She also loves moving the lilypads around in the water around the outside.

The kids both woke up the next day and ran to the back window to check on their fairy garden, they really do love it and I'm sure will continue to play with it throughout the summer (and we may end up having to add to the collection!)

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* This is a review post, we were sent the My Fairy Garden Lilypad Gardens from Interplay to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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