4 1/2 years old

Elmer the Elephant Paper Plate Craft


We love Elmer the Elephant!  So of course when we found out that there's an Elmer Day coming up we had to join in with our own Elmer craft, he's just so fun to make using lots of colours, and excellent opportunity to explore the rainbow.

What you'll need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • squares of colourful tissue paper
  • glue
  • sticker shapes
  • clothes pegs (optional)

This is such a simple craft to make, but something that young kids are really capable of doing all by themselves and can have so much fun making.  To start we used one paper plate as Elmer's face and cut our second paper plate to create a trunk from the edge of the plate, and cutting the middle of the plate in half to create two ears.

Then Ethan glued the ears and the trunk to the main paper plate.  Because we are not very patient to let the glue dry when we're making crafts we often have to come up with creative ways to keep our pieces together, so to keep the ears and trunk attached we used clothes pegs whilst the glue dried.

Then Ethan put glue everywhere on his Elmer and started sticking on the colourful tissue paper squares.  I encouraged him to make his Elmer as colourful as he could, but he chose lots of pink and blue squares, and I'm definitely not one to discourage his creativity, so that is the elephant that you see.

Once the patchwork squares were finished Ethan used some of the small sticker shapes to make Elmer's eyes and his smile.  

Then we left our Elmer to dry and he's now ready to proudly display in our reading nook.

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  1. Elmer is a great character for children to craft. Nobody can resist his bright colours.

  2. Before I read the post I could tell this was Elmer the elephant! Sign of a good craft, that!!

  3. We did a similar craft but used a blow whistle through the middle for its trunk - the kids had so much fun

  4. A perfect activity for little ones, it looks like lots of fun. Mich x

  5. I LOVE this. Maxi and Mini loved maxing Elmers out of Milk Bottles when they were little. I used to love reading them all the Elmer Books.

  6. That is SO cute! I practically squealed when I saw how sweet it was - my boys want to make them right now!

  7. Such a cute idea for a reading nook, I love this craft, very clever use of a paper plate!

  8. I love that Ethan created this himself! Brilliant idea with the pegs too!


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