4 1/2 years old

Measuring Toys


Ethan amazes me every day by what he is capable of and how little explanation he needs to be able to complete tasks now.  And that he's even able to extend a simple activity himself and get more out of it, like he did with this simple measuring activity today.

What we used:
  • rulers
  • a selection of toys
  • large paper
  • pencil

I started by just explaining to Ethan how to use a ruler, he's used them for drawing straight lines before, but this was his very first measuring activity.  I showed him that he had to line up the 0 with the end of the toy and then see which number was closest to the end of the toy (as we're just measuring to whole numbers today.)

He was so quick to pick up the technique that I then had him record his numbers on the paper using a pencil and then he asked what the cm was on the rulers so I explained about centimetres as that is what we were measuring and what each number represented on the ruler, so he wanted to write cm for each one as well.

Ethan caught onto the activity so quickly and was happy to switch between different rulers and different shapes of toys with ease.  He was writing down the numbers before I even had a chance to check and really enjoyed the whole process.  This is definitely just the start of many measuring activities!

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  1. Such a fun activity. My boys always loved measuring things. Rulers and tape measures are so much fun


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