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Rugby Skills


The Rugby World Cup starts today!  So we've been busy doing a few rugby crafts and decorating the house with rugby bunting as well as reading rugby books.  Now we're finally getting around to playing rugby and working on our rugby skills!

The first thing that we needed was a good rugby ball to play with, and I found this cute mini ball for the Rugby World Cup so that's what we used.  It was a bit easier for the kids to carry around as it was smaller and lighter.

So we tried throwing the ball back and forth to each other and focusing on looking at the other person's hands to pass the ball directly to them.  We want our teammates to catch the ball because we're working together, so it's important to aim for their hands and follow the ball through for them to receive it.

We worked on holding our arms open to be ready to catch the ball when it comes towards you and pulling the ball towards your body so that it doesn't just bounce off of your hands.  We played a game of passing the ball between the three of us and taking turns throwing and catching and cheering each other on. 

We also worked on our kicking skills, setting up an area to be the posts and trying to do one big kick to get the ball to go through.

Then it was time to put the ball under their arm and work on running as fast as they could to the other side of the garden before anyone else could catch them.  They both found it absolutely hilarious chasing each other around and giggling!

Then when they had run to the other end of the garden they would put the ball down on the grass and score a try for their team!

We didn't work on tacking today, I'm sure they'll see enough of that in the games on tv and be asking to try it next time!

For more fun rugby ideas take a look at our Pinterest board:

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