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Planting Daffodils


Now I'm going to start by saying that I am no gardener, but luckily for me my Mom (Nana to the kids) is visiting from Canada so she's here to help us out in the garden.  I'm not sure if I would have been brave enough to pick up daffodil bulbs for the kids to plant on my own, I thought it would be much more complicated to plant them, but it was so easy!

First we started by digging a bit hole in the soil, which Ethan loved doing (Ivy really liked throwing the dirt around!)  We dug about 15cm (6 inches) into the ground and sort of broke up the clumps of soil with the shovels / spades.

Then we got out our bulbs to take a good look at them and talk about what we were planting and what would happen to them when they begin to grow.

Next we put all the bulbs out onto the grass to count how many we had, so that we can see if they all grow in the springtime.  We planted 14 bulbs, so hopefully I'll have a photo of 14 daffodils to add to the post next year!

It was finally time to plant our bulbs!  Nana was trying to tell us how to place the bulbs with the pointy bit at the top, whilst Ivy through as many bulbs as possible into the hole!  It was ok though, Ethan didn't mind fixing them and making sure that they were all facing the right way and a good distance apart.

When all of the bulbs were in the hole we were ready to cover them up with all of the dirt that we had dug out earlier.  Ethan needed a little bit of guidance to gently cover up the bulbs with the soil rather than heap it all on top, but he soon got the hang of it.  He covered up all of the bulbs carefully and proudly stood back to see what he had done.  Now he just has to be patient enough to wait a few months to see those daffodils start to grow!

Of course we weren't really done until Ivy had a good play in the dirt!  These two kids couldn't be any more different, while Ethan insisted on wearing gardening gloves Ivy sat pouring dirt into her hands for a good while after we were done planting and didn't mind at all that she was absolutely covered in dirt at the end!

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