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Nature Collection Bottles


If there is one thing that my kids absolutely love it's collecting things from outside.  Whenever we go on walks or even just play in the back garden they are always picking up anything and everything.  We're always looking for ways to use these treasures in our crafts and our play, but sometimes the fun is just in collecting!

I always love it when the kids come up with their own activities as well, and this was one of those days!  We had come back from preschool and Ethan had pockets full of rocks that I asked him to empty out in the garden, and on the way out he picked up an empty water bottle and asked if he could put them in there instead.

So we all went out into the garden with empty water bottles and filled them up with the rocks that Ethan had collected.  Some of them were a bit challenging to put into the small opening of the bottle, but it was a great exercise for Ethan's fine motor development and problem solving skills to get them in there.

Ivy went off on her own and started collecting some flowers that had fallen off some of our plants and putting them into her bottle.  She quickly discovered that she had to put them in a certain way so that they would go into the bottle smoothly and not come apart.

After Ethan finished putting all of the rocks that would fit into the bottle, he joined Ivy with the flowers and found some leaves and small sticks to add to his bottle as well.  It was such a simple activity but kept the kids busy for ages collecting things and finding ways to make them fit in the bottles, and Ethan was so proud of his bottle when he finished too!

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  1. This is a great idea. Can't wait to give a try if the weather holds up for us this weekend.


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