1 year old

Halloween Lanterns


We love Halloween and we're already thinking about how to decorate the house!  We got these great Halloween Stained Glass Lantern Kits from Baker Ross and we just had to make them straight away!

We love the kits from Baker Ross for days that we just want an easy craft that doesn't need a lot of supplies, and these lanterns didn't disappoint.  All that we needed was to use our own glue, everything else was supplied for us.  We started by putting some glue around each of the four pictures on the lantern.

Then Ethan took a piece of tissue paper and placed it over each of the pictures.  He was very careful and made sure that the picture was covered entirely with the tissue.

Then I helped Ethan to stick the sides of the lantern together and to tie a string through the top to attach the pole, and that was it, our lantern was finished!

* This is a review post, we were sent the lantern kits from Baker Ross to make and to write our opinions about.*

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