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Rugby Ball Bunting


With the Rugby World Cup only a few days away it's time to start making rugby crafts and decorating the house for all the rugby games we're going to be watching!  So we started by making some fun rugby bunting.

First we made some brown paint (by mixing all of our paints together, one of Ethan's favourite things to do!) Then collected up some things to do some printing.  We used bubble wrap (one sheet with large bubbles and one with small bubbles) a spotty paint roller and a small spotted stamper.  I gave Ethan and Ivy each a large sheet of paper and they both dove right into the paint with their chosen stamping materials.

Ethan loved using the bubble wrap with the large bubbles, he kept putting it back in the paint and stamping all over his sheet of paper.

He also loves to use the rollers, so after using the bubble wrap to fill the middle of his paper he quite cleverly used the roller to go all around the edges of the paper and make them spotty as well.

Ivy's favourite was a small spotty stamper, but she did give the bubble wrap a try as well.  And of course her hands got in there in the end too, but there's nothing wrong with a little sensory exploration.

Once the paint had dried I cut a rugby ball shape out of card and we used it to trace around on their painted sheets.  We placed it over the nicely stamped parts of their paintings and traced around the ball shape with a pencil.

Then I cut out around the lines to make 8 nice rugby ball shapes for us to use for the bunting.  

Ethan then drew the stitching lines along 4 of the rugby balls.  I did one first for him to copy, then he used one of his markers to draw a long line and counted out six small lines going across it.

We then did the rest of the balls with washi tape, sticking one long piece along the ball and three short ones across it.

Finally it was time to attach our balls to a ribbon to make the bunting.  I stuck some small pieces of double sided tape to the ribbon and Ethan then attached a ball to each of the pieces of tape.

Then we carried the bunting over to the fireplace and hung it up on the mantle, ready for our little party and to watch the opening ceremonies of the rugby world cup on Friday.

For more fun rugby ideas for kids, take a look at our Pinterest board:

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  1. This is amazing and so much fun. I hope you don't mind me linking to it and sharing a picture on my rugby post next week.

    1. Thanks so much Jen, of course I'm happy for you to link to it and share a picture :)


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