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Rugby Coasters


We are so excited about the Rugby World Cup starting soon, so we were very pleased to see these adorable Rugby Coaster Kits arrive today from Baker Ross!

They are the perfect little kits that come in a set of 6, each individually wrapped with everything that you'll need to make your coasters.

Ethan and Ivy each chose which colour they wanted to make and got started straight away at peeling off their rugby ball and rugby shirt stickers and placing them onto their coasters.

I love that these coasters can be done at their two very different levels with their greatly differing abilities and still be a fun activity and look great when they're finished.  Ivy happily peeled off all the stickers and stuck them all over her coaster (and herself!) which was fun and creative as well as great for her fine motor skills peeling the stickers off.

Ethan was much more careful and thoughtful about the placement of his stickers.  He was choosing from the different designs of rugby shirts and placing them altogether as well as sticking the balls and shirts carefully on the outlined shapes.  

There's also a large blank sticker to write names on.  I wrote Ivy's name for her, but Ethan wrote his own name on his coaster, which he was quite proud of doing.

The coasters look so great and would be a really fun activity for the kids to do for a rugby party or get together to watch the game.  It kept them busy for ages peeling all of the stickers off the sheets and gave them each a lovely craft to be proud of at the end.

* This is a review post, we were sent the rugby coaster kits from Baker Ross to make and to write our honest opinions about.*

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