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Autumn Leaves Wreath


Autumn is here and we love to decorate the house to suit the season, so we've made these cute autumn leaf wreaths today.  As a Canadian (but living in the UK) I also celebrate Thanksgiving, so these will look great for then as well.


I started by cutting the shiny card into a large circle shape and then cutting the middle out of the card.  You could also use a paper plate that you paint and decorate first, but I've been wanting to use this shimmering card for something, so I was excited to show it off on our wreaths (the kids love it too!)

Next I let the children each take a handful of leaf foam stickers from the packet and get started on decorating their wreaths.  Ethan was able to peel the backings off the stickers by himself, which is great for his fine motor skills.  For Ivy I got them started, and let her finish peeling the rest off herself and stick them on how she liked.

I love how each of the children have their own style and made their wreath in their own style.  Ivy likes to stack stickers on top of each other and Ethan sorted them by colour and lined them all up along the edge of the wreath.  I think that they both look fantastic!

* This is a review post, Baker Ross sent us a pack of autumn crafts including these leaf stickers to use in a craft and write a post about.  It also contains affiliate links.*

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