3 years old

Make Time to Play


This time of year things are so hectic and busy, there are cards to write, gifts to buy, and so many details to organise.  At least a few days a week I've spent lugging the kids around the shops to pick up different things, and today was no different.  It was a nice day, so I decided to take them to the park, as well as go shopping for the mugs that we need to make presents for Ethan's teachers.  I asked Ethan on the way out if we should go to the shop first or the park first, and of course he chose the park!  So off we went to the park, only to find that it was shut (due to uneven surfaces, but that's a whole different story).  So I apologised to Ethan but said that we would just go to the shop instead, and then asked if he would rather go to this shop or another option.  And his answer was, "I want to go somewhere that I can play."  And it actually broke my heart to hear him say it, because I realised that somehow I had forgotten the most important thing that we had gone out to do.

So I turned us around straight away, and even though it was in completely the opposite direction and even though it meant that we wouldn't be able to go to any shops today (I'll just order the mugs online), we went to the park.  It's one that's slightly further from our house, and we'd actually never been there before.  Ethan was thrilled to be at a new park, "Mummy there's a boat in the park!"  He ran in, so excited to explore all of the equipment (and to drive that boat!)  The park was virtually empty, because it was a bit chilly today, and I bet because other parents are rushing around getting everything ready for Christmas so they aren't out playing either.  So, Ethan's advice to you today, is don't forget to stop all that preparation for a little while, and make time to go out and play.

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