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Christmas Elf Family - An Alternative to Elf on the Shelf


We absolutely love Christmas!!!  So, of course, I want to introduce my children to every Christmas tradition there could possibly be.  I've seen everyone doing Elf on the Shelf for the past few years and always thought that I would give it a try when Ethan was a bit older.  Now this year Ethan's 3, so it is a great age to start, but of course December 1st came and went, and I saw everyone else's brilliant elves popping up everywhere, and thought that I was too late to start.  But then I thought...Ethan doesn't know what anyone else on Facebook is doing, so really we could do our own little elf thing in our own little way, and he would be none the wiser!  Of course I was inspired by all the brilliant bloggers doing Elf on the Shelf fantastically, have a look at this compilation on Kids Activities Blog and by the Elf alternatives like Imagination Tree's Kindness Elves, and Little Page Turners' Christmas Mouse.

So we have a whole little elf family.  There's an Elf Mommy, and Elf Daddy, an Elf Boy and a Baby Girl Elf.  They all live in their little elf house (which is just a really cute house shaped gift box).  Ethan loves their house and likes to take the elves in and out and play with them.  My idea was to have elves that Ethan could play with and be a part of the process and the fun of seeing what they're up to everyday.  We didn't start with our elves on December 1st, but as it's 12 days until Christmas it was another perfect time to start.  Another way to get Ethan even more excited for the big day!

So, each day we get the elves out of their house, and there may be a clue in there as to what we're going to do that day.  Today Santa was also in their house with them, because we're going to visit Santa!  I told Ethan that we're going to visit Santa today, and so are the elves.  We also went out for a special breakfast first, so then it was Ethan's job to make breakfast for all of the elves.  I cut out little bowls for each of them, and he drew their breakfast (he decided that they were all having cornflakes.)  And then when he finished, he said that Santa needed breakfast too!  So we made an extra bowl and the elves shared their cornflakes with him.  I am loving our new tradition already!

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