10 months old

Fingerprint Christmas Tags


We've been busy getting Christmas gifts ready for friends and family, and we decided to make some personalised tags.  

I helped both Ethan and Ivy to put one fingerprint on each of the tags, which was easier with one of them than the other (I'm sure that you can guess who!) And then left them to dry.

When they were dry I drew little hats and a beard on the red ones to make them look like Santa, icing and berries on the brown one to make it look like a Christmas pudding, a tummy and face on the black one to make it look like a penguin and a star and baubles on the green one to look like a Christmas tree.  Now we have adorable tags for all of our gifts!

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  1. love personalized anything and these gift tags are great! We did something similar with labels and turned our fingerprints into reindeers!


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