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Baker Ross Christmas Crafts - Review


We love Christmas!  And what better way to prepare for the big day than to make crafts.  Of course, my mind is everywhere with all of the other Christmas preparations that need to be done, and that is why I absolutely love the craft kits that Baker Ross sent us.  It means that everything that we need is right there, and the kids still have fun making seasonal crafts.

We started by making a few Christmas Gift Boxes with these kits when we had a friend over for a play date one day.  They were really easy to do, all we needed was to have some glue to stick some of the pieces on (but many of the pieces had sticky backs to make it even easier.)  Ethan made the Santa box and his friend made the snowman, both look adorable and will make great little boxes for a special gift for someone.

The next thing that we made was one of these Ceramic House Tealight Holders using these Glitter Porcelain Pens.  It was so easy for Ethan to use the pens to decorate the houses.  He just coloured as he normally would, then I put the little house in the oven to set the paint, and we were done!  You can even get your LED Tealights to put inside.

Finally we made some Stocking Cards decorating them with Glitter Bow Stickers and Mini Pom Poms.  Ethan made one for each member of the family to hang on the tree.  It was great for him to work on his fine motor skills peeling the backs off the stickers and to design and arrange them onto the stockings.

We love all the crafts from Baker Ross, I buy quite a few things from there as well.  All of the gifts that we made for family this year were made with supplies from there (mini canvases, calendars and ornaments to decorate.)  There are loads of things on sale now, and still time to have them before Christmas!

* This is a review post, we were sent these craft supplies from Baker Ross so that we could make some Christmas crafts and write an honest review. *

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