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Room on the Broom Live - Review


We were lucky enough to get tickets to see Room on the Broom Live in the West End this past weekend, and we absolutely loved it!  It is one of Ethan's favourite stories, so as soon as we heard that the show was coming to London, I knew that we had to see it.  

As we were just settling down in our seats, the actors came onto the stage and started chatting and playing.  The show hadn't begun yet (or had it?) but they were running around playing hide and seek and involving the audience in their games.  Already they had Ethan's attention as he watched with wonder.  As soon as the witch appeared and the show really began, we were hooked.  

The combination of actors and puppets worked really well, the voices of the characters were fantastic and we loved the songs!  You found yourself singing along, even though it was the first time that you heard it.  The songs went so well with the show, and just told you more about the characters that wasn't included in the original story.

Ethan was a bit worried about the dragon being scary, so he sat on my lap when he knew that the dragon part was coming up.  But there was nothing to worry about at all, as the dragon was more funny than scary, and of course had a song of his own.  

The finale was fantastic, the broom was truly magnificent and we really did love the entire show from start to finish.  I think that for me it might have been my favourite children's play that we've seen so far.  Something about it was just magical!

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* This is a review post, we were given tickets to see Room on the Broom Live to write our honest review. *

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