3 years old

Making Christmas Crackers


It's getting closer and closer to Christmas, and we've nearly got everything ready!  We are on to last minute preparations, and we decided that as Ethan doesn't really like loud noises and hasn't really liked Christmas crackers in the past, we could make our own that don't have the 'bang!' 


Cardboard tubes 
(wrapping paper, toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
Wrapping paper
Paper hats
Gifts / toys

We started by cutting some pieces of wrapping paper, then placed one of the rolls in the middle of it.  I taped the edge of the paper to the cardboard tube to make it easier for Ethan to roll the paper without it slipping.  We then put another piece of tape to secure it.  We then tied up one side with ribbon and left the other side open for filling.  I found some very cheesy Christmas jokes online and wrote them out to put in the cracker, we made some very simple paper crowns with tissue paper, and I bought a little present to put in each cracker (a toy car for Ethan and a little bath duck for Ivy) then I sealed up the other side with ribbon and they're ready for Christmas day!

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