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Learning Resources Christmas Toy Reviews


Christmas is coming, and we are preparing in every way possible, making everything we can Christmasy, including the toys that we are playing with!  We were sent some lovely toys from Learning Resources that are perfect to get us into the Christmas spirit whilst working on our shapes and sorting skills.

The Gingerbread Sort and Snap set is just too cute!  It includes 12 adorable little gingerbread men with different features and attributes that can be sorted in a variety of ways.  First I asked Ethan to find all of the ones with hats, then all of the ones with buttons.  Next, I challenged him by asking him to find all of the ones with 2 attributes, like stripes and hair.  This he found a bit trickier, but he was able to do it.  They also suggest playing a sort of 'Guess Who?' game, which I think would be great when Ethan is a little bit older.

The Shape Sorting Presents set is fantastic.  It comes with six different shaped present boxes and 90 shape cards, so it can keep little hands busy for a very long time.  It is a real challenge for Ethan to match the pictures of real items with the shapes.  He is great at identifying all of the shapes, and many of the pictures are quite easy for him, but it's often the different types of triangles and rectangles that he's not sure of.  I think it's a great way to reinforce shape learning, without actually having to search your house for objects of every different shape!  

We are loving playing with both sets of toys, and not only is it helping Ethan with his shapes and sorting, but it's getting us talking about Christmas traditions!  Ethan is now very excited to bake gingerbread men and to wrap presents, and what a great opportunity to talk shapes and sorting while we do those things too!

* This is a review post, we were sent the Gingerbread Sort and Snap and the Shape Sorting Presents sets to play with and to write an honest review about. *

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