2 years old

Play Date with Friends


Another lovely day spent with friends, getting back into the swing of things.  We even went to the park first (as there was a tiny break in the rain!)  Ethan was so happy to be able to run around and play with his friends.  It’s great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development at this age as they really seem to be playing more with each other (not just alongside each other).

Ethan loved playing in the park, but I realised when we got to his friends’ house that he’s become a bit bossy.  He kept telling the other little boy what to play with and how to play whatever game he wanted to play.  It is interesting how they seem to reach these next developmental stages so quickly, but a bit sad to see that my little boy is the bossy one!  Hopefully it is just a phase and he’ll be able to play more collaboratively soon.  I assume that the only way to help with this is to have more play dates, luckily we have room at our new place so once we’re more settled we’ll be having friends over a lot!

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