2 years old

Music Class


A lot of our classes and playgroups didn’t run over Christmas, and so today was the first chance that we had to go to Ethan’s music class since their Christmas party.  It was so nice to be back there, Ethan absolutely loves it and gets so much out of it.  It’s great for his Creative Development as he gets to sing, dance and play instruments. 

He also gets to see his friends during the class, and when we go out for coffee afterwards.   This is fantastic as he gets to run around a bit and socialise with his friends.  He did something strange today though, completely out of character for him, he hurt one of his closest friends.  We think he was possibly trying to get the other little boys biscuit, but as we saw them he had his arms wrapped tightly around the other boy and wasn’t letting go (even as the other boy cried).  I was absolutely shocked, it’s just so unlike Ethan to behave that way.  I really hope that it was a one off or a short phase, I really don’t want to have a child that hurts other children.

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