2 years old

Moving Day


Today is the day that we moved out of the only house that Ethan has ever known, and into our new home.  It was a very hectic day, but thanks to everyone’s comments and tips on my post the other day about Preparing to Move, we were able to make things as easy as possible for Ethan. 

Here’s what worked for us…

Tips for moving with a toddler:

  • ·         I kept Ethan in a separate room away from the movers as much as possible
  • ·         I gave him tasks to keep him busy (helping me to pack up the suitcases with clothes and other last minute things)
  • ·         I had easy meals and snacks on hand that could be eaten anywhere
  • ·         I kept a few of his favourite toys out
  • ·         The iPad…some people may not agree, but it was such a great distraction when things got too much and I just needed him to sit down calmly for a little while
  • ·         Once at the new house, we set up Ethan’s room first
  • ·         We spent most of the day in Ethan’s room playing and reading and getting him used to his new environment
  • ·         Once the movers were gone we let him explore everywhere and play with boxes (one of his favourite things!)
  • ·         We went back to the old house at the end of the day to pick up the last few things and tidy up, and so that he could properly say goodbye to his first home

Overall I have to say that Ethan was really well behaved, it was a long and busy day, but he took it all very well and only had a meltdown at the very end of the day.  I do think that others’ tips about having a babysitter may have been wise, but then I think it did help him to understand it all by seeing it all happen.  Either way, we’re in now and getting settled and Ethan seems happy to have more space in his new home :) 

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