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Parragon Little Learners Book Review - Everybody Loves Butterflies


Today we had the pleasure of reading a new book that we were sent to review from Parragon, called Everybody Loves Butterflies by Tanis Taylor.  The book can be purchased from Amazon for £5.87.  Ethan absolutely loves reading, and it's great for developing his Communication, Language and Literacy skills.

This is a really lovely book with gorgeous illustrations.  It's about a caterpillar who loves being a caterpillar and doesn't want to change into a butterfly.  He meets all sorts of other creatures who tell him how great it will be to be a butterfly, and of course he eventually changes and is very happy.  It's a lovely story, and yet another way to try to explain to Ethan that baby caterpillars turn into adult butterflies (he seems to find the concept quite tricky).  We sat for ages today just cuddling and reading stories, he asked to have this one a few times :)

* This is a review post, I was sent this book from Parragon to read with Ethan and write an honest review.  For more information about my review policy please click here *

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