2 years old

Lunch with Friends


Today was our first day seeing friends since before Christmas.  Ethan was so excited to be meeting them for lunch!  It's so lovely that he's formed such a strong bond with his friends, he always talks about them and even loves to see their baby siblings.  It's great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Unfortunately, he was a bit over excited today!  He wouldn't stop running around the place, I couldn't get him to sit down to eat his lunch or anything.  The other two were so well behaved, and mine was the one who was hyper and wouldn't listen to a word I said.  I guess that we have been staying in quite a lot as I've been so tired with this pregnancy, and he was overexcited to be seeing his friends, but I do feel bad when my child is the one causing trouble and influencing others to join in.  Hopefully this is just another phase!

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