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Parragon Little Learners Book Review - Thank You for Being my Friend


Today we reviewed a new book from Parragon called Thank You for Being my Friend.  It came with a little toy horse for Ethan to cuddle while we read the story.  It's a story about a horse who sees shadows in the dark and gets frightened.  I love reading with Ethan and it's great for his Communication, Language and Literacy development.

Now, I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of books about fears.  At this point we are very lucky and Ethan is not scared of anything, and I don't want to even introduce him to the idea of being scared of the dark.  So I read this book to him changing some of the words as we went along. The book is well written, the little toy horse is lovely and in the end the horse makes a friend and finds out that there was nothing to be afraid of as the shadows were just regular things in the house.  For this reason I think that it would be the perfect book to read to a child who does have irrational fears and is afraid of the dark, but for Ethan I think that I will put it aside for now (and let him keep playing with the toy horse).

* This has been a review post, Parragon sent us Thank you for being my Friend to read and write and honest review about.  To read more about our review policy, please click here *

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