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Squire's Christmas Circus


We were lucky enough to be invited to a sneak preview of the Christmas Circus at Squire's Garden Centre the other day.  I had no idea what to expect, so I was very surprised to find a huge big top set up at the back of the garden centre, I thought it would just be a few jugglers in a small room!  

So when we arrived at Squire's we followed the signs through the outdoor area towards the circus tent.  It stands out behind a sea of Christmas trees in a really lovely way, especially as we went in the evening and it was all lit up.

It is decorated lovely and Christmassy inside the tent as well.  So it was nice to have a little look around before we found our seats.  It wasn't on for the preview night, but I did spot a popcorn machine there, so you may be able to buy a snack for the little ones if they get hungry during the show (which lasts about an hour).

The circus was introduced by the fabulous Ringmaster Laci Schlinlof who was also supported by the clowns Bumble and Picolo, who kept the kids laughing between all of the other acts.  The first performance was the aeriel cube, which was absolutely mesmerising.  This acrobat is very talented and the children were completely enthralled while they watched her spin around the cube.

Next was the juggler, who was able to juggle an incredible number of things at once, which Ethan just kept asking me how he was doing it?

Then the bubble performer was up next, doing absolutely incredible things with bubbles.  She was making loads of bubbles, and even blew bubbles that were filled with smoke and some that were on fire!

Ivy's favourite was the acrobats called the Gemini Twins as they twisted and turned around the trapeze.  I hardly watched them as I just watched Ivy's little face as she stared up in awe!

Next it was the slack wire act, and the juggler was back but this time balancing on the wire.  He was spinning plates, juggling frisbees and even juggling fire!

Finally the knife throwing act that was Ethan's absolute favourite, it was full of danger and suspense and the kids couldn't get enough of it!

Then Boris the Polar Bear arrived with Santa, they had a little song and dance and got the children all excited for Christmas!

Then when the show was over we all lined up at the back of the tent to wait our turns to meet with Santa.  There was a lovely little area with a fireplace and a tree, perfect for photos with Santa.  Each child each gets a little circus themed gift, which my two loved and are now determined to become jugglers themselves!

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* This is a review post, we were invited to a preview of the Christmas Circus in order to review the event.*

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