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Pudsey Bear Play Dough for Children in Need


It is almost time for Children in Need, and Ethan and Ivy will be wearing spotty clothes to school on Friday and bringing in their change for the charity.  This is also something that we will be linking up to our Kindness Elves (affiliate link) activities, encouraging the children to give to charity to help other children.

I wanted to do a really simple activity just to get the kids talking about Children in Need, to remind them about Pudsey Bear so that they understand why they will be dressing in spots later this week and what it's all about, as well as all of the other benefits of playing with play dough.

What you'll need for Pudsey Bear Play Dough:

  • yellow play dough (homemade or shop bought)
  • rolling pin and other play dough tools
  • bear shaped cookie cutters (we even have Pudsey Bear cutters and stamps)
  • beads
  • loom bands or other colourful accessories

I set up a tray with all of our materials, and I also got out our little toy Pudsey Bear to remind Ivy of what he looks like.  It was also a good opportunity to talk about him, as she tried to pull off his spotty bandage and I explained that it doesn't come off.  That he was hurt and that's why he has a bandage and that he needs our help to make it feel better.

Then Ivy just had a good play and explore of the materials, making a few different versions of Pudsey bear (and Blush!) As she played it was easy to talk about all the spots on Pudsey and how they will wear spots to school and give money to the charity to help other children, which she seemed to understand a bit better by the end.

Don't forget to watch the show on Friday and to donate, it truly is such a worthwhile cause as they help so many children.

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