2 1/2 years old

SmarTrike Discoveries


Ivy has been trying out the new SmarTrike 5 in 1 Infinity and loves her new set of wheels to ride around the neighbourhood.  It gives her a whole different view of the world and she's making all sorts of discoveries from her new vantage point.

She is lower down in the SmarTrike so she has a very close view of our path on our walk to the park.  She is also in control more as she is pedalling the trike and steering which way we go, so if she wants to see something she can easily turn us in any way she chooses (and if you know Ivy you can guess that she is really enjoying being in control of our direction!)

Ivy is absolutely crazy about animals, so she loved discovering all of the ducks in the river. She was quacking away as we passed by them and wanted to get a closer look.  She was also trying to chase the pigeons in the park and getting very excited when people passed with their dogs, especially when they stopped to give her a little sniff.

We've made a little video of Ivy making her Smart Discoveries, you can hear her excitement about the ducks, and about racing her brother on his bike!  Take a look:

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* This is a review post, we were sent a SmarTrike Infinity to try out and write our honest opinions of our #smartDiscoveries.*

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  1. Ooooh SmartTrikes look like they have come on a long way since my kids had one!

  2. Smartrikes have come a long way since Maxi had one 10 years ago! He loved it then though!

  3. It looks much easier to steer than the trikes my kids had. I used to get fed up with it before I got to the end of the road!

  4. Smartrike! So many nice adventures! I wish i didnt give ours away!

  5. Ohh this looks fabulous, no wonder yoru little girl is so happy. Mich x

  6. We never had a Smartrike for Emma, as we were always away home during the summer months. I wish we did, they are loads of fun!


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