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Caring for Kao Kao the Koala


We have a new member of our family, his name is Kao Kao and he's a baby koala from Club Petz.  He is absolutely adorable and Ivy has taken to him straight away and takes her job of caring for him very seriously.

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Kao Kao is an interactive koala toy that has to be taken care of like a real baby animal.  As soon as he arrived in his very cool bamboo cage the kids couldn't wait for me to get it open (which wasn't easy!) so that they could play with him.  He also comes with a eucalyptus leaf and a bottle so that he can be fed when he's hungry.

The kids were very excited to feed Kao Kao, by holding the eucalyptus leaf in front of Kao Kao's nose so that he can smell it gets him hungry and then when you put the leaf into his mouth you can hear his cute little chewing sounds as he munches on it.

Then you can feed him his milk from the bottle while he then makes sweet little gurgling sounds as he drinks.  Ivy loves feeding Kao Kao his milk as she cradles him in her arms like a real baby.

She is so sweet with Kao Kao and holds him really gently and cuddles him to sleep.  He closes his eyes when he's tired and makes sleeping sounds, so then Ivy puts him down gently in her bed to rest.

When he wakes up he is ready to play and the kids have so much fun playing with him like he's a real little baby, making him make his happy little sounds.  He also has motion sensors inside so if you do leave him sitting somewhere then walk past he starts to make sounds (I learned this the hard way at nap time!) the kids think it's hilarious though.  

It's so sweet seeing your children care for a toy like it's a real baby animal, it would be a great way to get them used to the idea of having a real animal in the house.  Lucky for me Kao Kao has an off switch at the bottom and doesn't need to be taken out for walks though, so I think we'll stick with him for now!

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* This is a review post, we were sent Kao Kao to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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