4 1/2 years old

Playing School


We are having fun getting Ethan ready to start school in a few weeks, he absolutely loved when we did some imaginative play of school lunchtimes so I was not surprised at how much he loved playing school and being the teacher!

We got this fantastic Pretend and Play School Set from Learning Resources that we have been playing school with.  It's a great set for imaginative play and so easy to use.  It folds up flat so it is easy to store and to carry around the house.  It's full of so many fun things to play with to make up all of the parts of a school day.

There's a white board in the middle section with the alphabet across the top.  This is great for writing skills and general mark making.  It was the first part that both of the kids were drawn to as they both love to draw and write.  We talked about the type of things that the teacher would write on the board for the children to learn from.

The section on the right is a calendar that you can fill in with whichever month it is.  This one is especially great for preparing Ethan for school because we can fill it in with dates and events from his actual school to prepare him.  

The left section has maps that are great for using that pointer again!  The kids both love having their turn to be teacher so that they can get their hands on that pointer and point at all of the different countries and quiz their students.

There are even little worksheets that the children can do as well as mark when it's their turn to be the teacher.  They are nice and easy for the kids to do so that they gain confidence as it's more about learning the sorts of things that they will be doing at school.

There's even little certificates that they can give to each other when they've done a good job at the end of the school day.  There's also a cute little bell that they can ring at the different times of the school day.  I encouraged them to play through these parts of the day as well, pretending to have play time, lunch time, story time and circle time.  When they play story time I step in to be the teacher sometimes and take the opportunity to read them stories about starting school.  Ethan absolutely loves being the teacher and I think that it's given him a real understanding of what to expect at school.  And I'm sure that we'll continue to play once he has started school and it will give me some extra insight into the things that he does each day.

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* This is a review post, we were given the Pretend and Play School Set from Learning Resources in order to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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