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Getting Organised for School


September is fast approaching, and as much as I would like this summer to last forever, I really do need to start getting organised and prepared for Ethan to start school and Ivy to start nursery in September.  I think that my biggest concern is really that I won't be organised enough before they start and also that school morning are just going to be so chaotic that we'll never get out of the house on time!

For those hectic school mornings I am really hoping that these Visual Timetable Cards of Getting Ready for School from Twinkl are going to help the kids remember what needs to be done next to get out of the door on time.  I've already stuck them up on the wall for them to look at and often find them pointing at them all to show what they should be doing each morning.  Another fun idea would be to make a little envelope for the finished ones and the kids could put them in the envelope as they do each task.

I'm also going to make sure that the kids clothes are chosen and set out the night before so there is no rushing around and finding that we have no clean school tops in the morning.  And I think that I'll even have some quick breakfasts ready, so if we're rushed we can just grab a pot of overnight oats or a breakfast muffin and eat on the walk to school if we have to.

To help Ethan and Ivy prepare for school days we are loving this Miffy at School book as it goes through the school routine for the day.  It shows Miffy arriving at school and doing all sorts of fun things like playing outside, sitting down for a story and drawing pictures as well as going home at the end of the day.  It's a really nice story to go through to remind the kids of all the fun things that they will be doing as well, if they're feeling a bit anxious about starting school.  It's a great starting point for pretend play at home and I will often find the kids playing school together, Ethan already loves being the teacher and leading us in craft activities (I wonder where he gets that from?  ha ha) We've also got these adorable little Miffy zipper pulls which will be perfect for the kids' school bags (and will be available from the Miffy Shop soon).

And for me to be an organised Mummy I am loving this Hema stationery that is so cute as well as really useful!  The notebook, pens, sticky book markers and diary are all going to come in very handy for keeping track of all the school events at both childrens' schools as well as writing those all important notes to teachers.  The kids also love the stationery and are having fun playing school with them.  They really love grown up pens and notebooks, and anything that encourages them to write is definitely a good thing!

We are starting to feel a bit more organised for school now.  We've bought uniforms for Ethan, we need labels for them and school bags are still on the list too.  But what are we forgetting? Any tips are very welcome!

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* This is a collaborative post, we were sent the Miffy book and zipper pulls from Miffy, the stationery from Hema and we have been given a premium subscription to Twinkl all in order to review and give our honest opinions about.*

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