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Easy School Lunch Ideas


Ethan starts school in September and Ivy starts nursery and we're busy preparing them in every way possible, and this includes lunch time!

We don't know yet if Ethan will prefer school dinners or packed lunches, so we're preparing him either way and just having lots of fun pretending to do our own school lunches at home. It helps that we were sent a few pots of Hartley's Jelly to try as well as their cute little lunchbox to decorate!  If you buy 12 pots of Hartley's Jelly with the green lids and go online to their website, you can get one of these lunchboxes to decorate yourselves at home.

I let Ivy decorate the lunchbox as she absolutely loves stickers!  She spent ages covering the entire lunchbox in stickers and was so proud of herself when she had put them all on.  I didn't try to make her spell anything out with the letters as she was much happier just doing it all herself without any input from me.

Our plan for packed lunches will definitely be to keep it simple and fill the lunchbox with foods that the kids already love.  It's not a time to try new things or add things that you think they should eat, knowing that they never would at home.  You wouldn't want them to be pressured to eat all of their lunch by a well meaning staff member who doesn't realise that these aren't foods that they would normally eat.  We also don't have the time in the morning to prepare fancy meals, so we're going for easy foods that the kids love!

So we're big fans of healthy snacks like Hartley's Jelly, and any little Organix or Kiddylicious snacks.  We also love any type of fruit, so that adds great variety but would probably stick to carrots or cucumbers for the vegetables as I know that they would get eaten.  Ethan loves sandwiches so I would make him cute sandwiches in different shapes, but Ivy isn't a big sandwich fan so I would give her more cheese and crackers or bread sticks with hummus instead.  This way it would be easy to assemble a few of their favourite healthy snacks and a few fresh bits to make a yummy lunchbox each day.

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