Top 10 Snowflake Crafts


I love snow!!! As a Canadian it was always a big part of my life, but now living in the UK I don't get to see it nearly enough, so we love doing snowy activities and making snowy crafts to join in with the wintry fun!  We've been making a few snowflake crafts, and I did a little search for some others to try, to make our list of the top ten snowflake crafts!

We made these Snowflake Paper Chains the other day and they were so much fun to make and they look so lovely hung up all around the house.

Another one that looks incredible and would be a great decoration for the house is this Snowflake Suncatcher Garland from Homegrown Friends.  This is one that we've definitely got to try!  

There seems to be a real theme of using Q-Tips (or earbuds) to make snowflake crafts, and we love these Q - Tip Snowflakes from Crafty Morning, this Q-Tip Painted Snowflake from No Time for Flashcards and this Symmetrical Snowflake from Buggy and Buddy.  It's time to bring those Q-Tips down from the bathroom to the craft cupboard!

We also made these Snowflake Wands a few weeks ago, and even though we used a kit, I think that they would be quite easy to replicate.  And the children absolutely love them, they're still running around the house being snow fairies!

I absolutely love these very colourful Coffee Filter Snowflakes from Happy Hooligans, the way they've put cut out snowflakes together to make a Snowman Snowflake Craft at Meaningful Mama and this simple Cotton Ball Snowflake from No Time for Flashcards that would be easy enough for toddlers to make.

We love a Simple Stick Snowflake that can be put together with popsicle sticks / lolly sticks and decorated any way that you like.  It's great for fine motor control, pattern making, co-ordination and so many other skills.  And they look great hanging up all around the house.

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  1. Love those snowflake wands - perfect for playing ice princess!

    1. Exactly! The kids are always running around with theirs :)


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