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Robin from EE - Review


If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift to buy for one of the kids, then look no further! We have been trying out the Robin tablet from EE and having so much fun exploring all of the things that we can do with it.

First of all, it is a tablet specially designed for children, so it even comes with a protective case.  This is great for peace of mind that small bumps here and there won't be causing it any damage.  It also comes loaded with 40 apps and games for kids that you can use straight away, as well as Hopster which has loads of kids tv shows on it.  So there's no worries about them having nothing to play with when they open it on Christmas morning, as it's ready to play with straight away!

Of course you can use it as a regular tablet as well, so you can load it up with lots of apps for yourself, but the great part is that you can set up special children's profiles which limits which apps they have access to.  Within this you can even set up how long they can use the tablet within that profile, after which it will simply shut itself off.  No more arguments about getting off the tablet as they've had too much screen time!  You can even choose to let them play games for a set amount of time and use educational apps or the web for a separate time limit, so that they can complete their homework with it.

Ethan absolutely loves all of the games and Hopster tv that came with it, so we haven't actually downloaded anything new for it yet as he's just kept busy with everything that it came with.  For us it will be ideal for travelling, for long car journeys and flights where the kids have to sit still and need to be entertained.

It is also great for days out, which we discovered when we were invited to learn about the Robin at the London Zoo!  We had a fun morning of playing with the Robin and seeing how it all worked, and then meeting animals at the zoo.  We had close encounters with an eagle owl and a buzzard, and this was when Ethan discovered that the Robin also has a camera that he can use!  So he was happily snapping photos of these magnificent birds.

Later as we explored the zoo Ethan was snapping lots of photos again, he was especially taken by the penguins and the giraffes.  Here's a few photos that Ethan took using the Robin:

We also had the London Zoo app on the Robin, so were able to walk around using the interactive map and finding out more information about the animals that we were seeing, which was a lot of fun and very helpful.

We are really enjoying using the Robin and it will definitely come in handy for our upcoming travels over the Christmas holidays as well as into the new year. It's a great first tablet for children and we would highly recommend it if you're looking to buy one for your kids.

* This is a review post, we were given the Robin from EE to use and to write our honest opinions about.*

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