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Ringing Bell Craft


We've been making lots of different Christmas crafts, like these photo gingerbread men that are my favourites, but as it's getting closer to the big day our crafts have become a bit easier to make.  And the one that we did today would also be great for New Years Eve too! These simple little bells look great hung up on the Christmas tree and will be fun to ring and make lots of noise on New Years too.

What you'll need:

  • mini pie tins (so get eating those mince pies!)
  • bells
  • shiny string
  • glitter glue

I started by making a small hole in the middle of the pie tins with scissors.  Then I cut pieces of string and gave Ethan a bell and a piece of string for him to thread it through.  This is great for fine motor control and hand eye coordination.  I was really impressed at his concentration and determination to thread the string through the tiny hole.

Next Ethan threaded the string through the hole in the pie tin, this was a bit trickier so I had to give him a little bit of help, but he was still quite determined to do it.  Once we had both of the ends of the string through I tied it in a knot on the other side.

Then our bells were ready to be decorated using glitter glue, which is just our absolute favourite thing at the moment.  So the kids just squeezed glitter glue all around their bells, and then we left them overnight to dry, ready to hang up on the Christmas tree and then to ring in the New Year!

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