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Star Shaped Stained Glass Window Decoration


We are busy getting ready for our New Year's Eve celebrations, and we have a few New Year's traditions that we like to do, including making lots of fun crafts!  This star shaped stained glass window was a lot of fun to make and it looks pretty as well as being a great process for learning.

What you'll need:

First we drew a star shape on the back of the shiny card using a pencil and ruler.  I helped Ethan to line up the ruler and then he drew the lines to form a star.  It was great for him to learn to use a ruler and to think about the lines of a star and how they go together.

There were a few times that our star didn't quite line up as we were drawing it, but that was a great lesson for Ethan as well as he's quite the perfectionist, so we learned that we could finish drawing our star by making new lines that connect, then erase all of the lines that didn't quite work out at the end.  Then we cut out the star from the card (I helped with this part as it can be quite tricky to cut a shape out from inside a piece of paper without going through the side.)

So I gave Ethan a chance to work on his scissor skills next by cutting up some pieces of tissue paper to make confetti.  He really enjoyed doing this as there were no lines to follow and he could freely cut out little pieces in whatever shapes he liked.  Next I cut out a piece of contact paper / sticky backed plastic and stuck it to the back of our star cut out, leaving the sticky side up.

Then Ethan got to stick all of those lovely little pieces of confetti that he cut out of the tissue paper, as well as the confetti stars all over the star shape.  We tried to fill it up as much as possible and leave no empty spaces.

Once Ethan had filled up the star with as much confetti as he could possibly fit, I then stuck another piece of contact paper on the top of the star to keep all of the confetti in place.  Then we turned the star over and drew another star shape around the first one and cut along those lines to finish off our star shaped stained glass window decoration.

We then used some sticky tack to hang it up on the window to decorate our house for New Years Eve.  But I love it so much, I may just keep it up for a lot longer than that!

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