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Paper Plate Firework Craft


It's almost New Years Eve, and we're starting to think about all of the fun fireworks that we're going to see when we ring in the new year!  So we've made a fun paper plate firework craft to bring some of the fun and colours into the house.

What you'll need:
  • black paper plate
  • ribbons
  • pipe cleaners
  • gold string
  • star confetti
  • glue
  • scissors

First I poked a hole through the middle of the plate with the scissors.  Then I had Ethan choose which ribbon, string or pipe cleaners to use first.  We threaded each one through the hole in the middle and then glued it down along and to the edge of the plate.

Once we had gone all the way around the plate with all of the different ribbons, strings and pipe cleaners I turned the plate over and took all of the little ends together and secured them with another pipe cleaner, which I then twisted into a loop to be a hook to hang up our plate when we finish.

The last step is to cover the whole plate in glue and then stick those confetti stars absolutely everywhere!  Of course this was Ethan's favourite part and he was determined to put as many stars as he possibly could around the plate.  Then we left the glue to dry before hanging our lovely paper plate firework up as a New Years decoration.

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