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Baking Gingerbread Biscuits with Kids


I am not a baker, and it doesn't make things any easier when my little helpers are throwing the ingredients around and making the whole process a bit more difficult.  But I have discovered the secret to baking with kids, and it's in these little boxes from Cookie Crumbles.  We tried the Fabulous Gingerbread Biscuit Mix and baked up some cute little gingerbread bears (because I couldn't find a man cookie cutter).

It was so easy to make, which was perfect for us today as it was a day that absolutely everything was going wrong.  If I had been making these from a recipe there is no way that we would have had anything to show for it!  We started by adding some butter to the mix, which Ethan insisted on doing himself, and mixing it in with our fingers.

Then we added some golden syrup and stirred it all up to make a dough.  This is the part when I worried that because we hadn't done it quite right we weren't going to end up with a proper dough that we could roll out.  But after 15 minutes in the fridge I was pleasantly surprised!

I pulled the dough out and rolled it into a ball, then let Ivy roll it out with a rolling pin.  Again letting a 1 1/2 year old do the rolling can be problematic, but the dough held up to the toddler treatment.

Next we cut out the shapes, we made gingerbread teddies and trees, then put them on some greaseproof paper and baked them in the oven.

Once they were cooled it was time to decorate them (which mostly involved the kids eating the toppings!) 

I was really impressed with the Cookie Crumbles mix, I also love that it's made with wholesome ingredients like wholewheat flour and with no additives, so I know that I'm giving them something that's just as good as homemade.  And they taste delicious!

* This is a review post, we were sent the Gingerbread Biscuit mix from Cookie Crumbles to use and to write our honest opinions about.*

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