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New Year's Eve Sensory Bin


It's almost New Year's Eve and this year we are really making the most of it with all of our New Year's Eve Traditions and we're adding more to the fun every day!  Today we made a sensory bin to ring in the new year with fun and discovery.

What you'll need:
We started by filling the bottom of the tray with the gems, then began to add everything else on top.  Ethan loves to help to set up the sensory bins as well as playing with them, and this was a fun one for him to help with as he was enjoying ripping up the pieces of foil and making the crinkly noises.  Then he crumpled up the pieces of foil and added them to the sensory bin.

Next we covered the polystyrene stars with foil, Ethan really enjoyed doing this as well.  It was easy to cover them and just crumple up the foil on the other side.  They look fantastic when they're done and this is definitely a technique we'll be using in future projects as well.

Then it was time to play!  Ethan filled up the little pots and cup with the foil balls and poured them from one to another.  He counted them and crumpled them up more as he played.  Ivy got in on the fun as well, and she loved picking up all of the tiny little gems between her little fingers.

They used the spoons to scoop up the gems and put them into the different containers.  The just had so much fun exploring this shiny sensory bin, the sound of the clinking of the gems on the tray and the crunching of the foil.  We are definitely ready to celebrate the new year!

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