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Ten Fun Ways to Play at Bluestone Wales


We recently went for a fantastic and fun filled week long holiday to Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales.  It was just what we needed after all of the stress and craziness of moving, and the perfect opportunity to spend lots of time with the kids playing and exploring.  There are so many ways for young kids to play at Bluestone, and here are our top ten!

1. Scoot or cycle around the park.

Bluestone is a huge resort with loads of cycle paths that you can follow around the whole place.  We brought Ethan and Ivy's scooters with us, but you can bring bikes or hire them from the resort.  It's a great way to get some exercise and make your way from one place to another quickly.  Ethan loved being able to scoot around freely and his skills definitely improved from going up and down all of those hills.

2. Check out the bug lodges

Ethan and Ivy are absolutely fascinated by bugs!  We brought Ethan's bug kit, which includes a magnifying glass, tweezers and a couple of little jars so that we could examine some of the bugs that we would find in the woods.  Then we came across these fabulous bug lodges with all sorts of different materials to attract different species of mini beasts, they're definitely more sophisticated than our Bug Houses and the kids were having such fun looking through to see who lived inside.

3. Climb around the Treetops Playground

Right in the village area with all of the shops and restaurants is a fabulous playground for little ones.  Ethan loved running over the bridges and climbing up the ropes, scurrying through the tunnel and whizzing down the slide.  Ivy couldn't always quite keep up with him, but not to worry as there's even a Treetots side of the playground specifically for very young children which had it's own little climbing frame and swing for the little ones.

4. Explore in and around your lodge

We stayed in one of the Skomer Lodges which has 3 bedrooms, a living area, full kitchen, cute kids area (the cwtch) and a lovely outdoor space.  There's plenty of space inside with everything that you need, and a lovely grassy area outside to run around (but of course my kids just enjoy rummaging through the rocks!)

5. Go to see a dinner show

We went to see a Woody Wild Dinner Show which features one of Bluestone's own Wild Woody characters Huwie Hedgehog, Shelby Snail, Lola Ladybird or Buzby Bee.  On the night that we were there is was Shelby Snail's turn to perform, encouraging all of the children to come up and follow along with actions to songs, to follow him around the restaurant and to listen to a story.  Then dinner is served at your tables, encouraging the children to eat up so that they can have their pudding, before finishing up the show and allowing each child the opportunity to come up and have their photo taken with the character.

6. Look for wildlife

There is nothing more exciting than walking around the resort in the evening and spotting bunnies hopping around!  If we did nothing else at all that week Ivy would have been happy just running around trying to get a closer look at those rabbits.  They also loved seeing all of the birds, feeding the ducks in the pond and watching little tiny frogs jumping around on the path around our feet.

7. Roast marshmallows at Camp Smokey

Our absolute favourite place to eat on the resort had to be Camp Smokey.  You really feel like you're camping in the woods, eating food cooked right in front of you on an open fire and being able to order marshmallows for pudding that you can take over to the fire pit to roast yourself.  Ethan could not have been happier and would have gone back to Camp Smokey for every meal if we would let him!

8. Meet the Woody Wild characters

Throughout the week there are so many different activities that you can pre book to take part in, as well as opportunities to meet the different Woody Wild characters throughout the resort for different fun and games.  They do evening fun at the tent in the village, treasure hunts around the pool and games in the woods by Camp Smokey.  This is when we met Huwie Hedgehog, playing hide and seek amongst the trees.  

9. Play at the Adventure Centre

There is a huge indoor play centre for children of all ages.  Ethan and Ivy loved playing on the the bouncy castle and the ball pool together.  Ethan also climbed all around the massive climbing frame and scooped up rocks with a real working digger.  There's also a circus zone room that's great for younger children which Ivy had fun exploring.

10. Swim at the Blue Lagoon

The definite highlight of the trip had to be all the time that we spent at the Blue Lagoon.  Both Ethan and Ivy love the water and we don't take them swimming nearly enough, so we went to the fabulous waterpark at Bluestone every single day that we were there.  From the wave pool to the lazy river, the spraying pirate ship to the cute Little Nippers area for young children we just didn't run out of fun things to do.  Ethan became so brave and was jumping waves all by himself by the end of the week, and Ivy loved climbing through the rock pools in the baby area.  We literally took them away crying at the end because they just did not want to leave the pool.

Image courtesy of Bluestone Wales
We had so much fun at Bluestone, we could have spent a lot longer there to really be able to do it all.  There are so many organised activities as well as opportunities to play and explore on your own.  We can't wait to go back again!

* This is a review post, we were provided with a lodge to stay in at Bluestone free of charge in order to write our honest opinions about the resort. *

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