3 1/2 years old

Learning About Space


This week we've been following the story of the New Horizons space probe flying past Pluto to take the first photos of the dwarf planet.  It has heightened Ethan's interest in space and encouraged me to buy him a book so that he could learn more.  We chose Space: Ladybird First Facts as it seemed to be aimed at his age range, so it wouldn't over complicate things.

We definitely made a good choice as Ethan loves the book and has already learned so much from it.  We don't have many non-fiction books, so it's also a great opportunity to teach him about the different features of information books (contents, glossary, index) and the different way that it is laid out.

After reading through the book of course Ethan had a lot more questions, and we looked online for more information about the recent photos of Pluto.  Then we decided that it would be a good idea to draw Pluto ourselves.  Ethan was very excitedly talking about the different colours and shapes that he could see and then drawing them himself.  Once he was finished he loved it so much that he took both the book and his drawing and went off to his spaceship in the garden to fly to Pluto himself!

* This post contains an affiliate link to buy the book from Amazon.*

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