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Chalk Roads


There is nothing we love more than an easy summer activity that can keep the kids occupied all day long.  These chalk roads are definitely just that, simple and fun!

All you need is an outdoor area with enough space to draw some roads, like your backyard patio or driveway and some sidewalk chalk.  We've done this a few times now (the rain keeps washing our roads away and then we get to start all over again!)  The first time that we did this Ethan and I discussed what type of roads we wanted to create, and decided that a road that went all the way around the patio in a circle would be best, with a short cut road across the middle.  I did the main drawing the first time around with Ethan following behind me with his chalk filling in the gaps that I left for him.  

The second time around Ethan was much more confident and drew the roads himself, with just a little bit of help from me, and this time with Ivy following us around drawing her own little centre lines.  And Ethan decided that this time we also needed a car park for all of our vehicles, so he lined them all up and then drew lines to separate them so we would be able to park them back in their spots when we finished with each one.

Then it was time to choose a vehicle and drive it around our chalk roads.  Both Ethan and Ivy enjoyed driving around in the Little Tikes car, the horse hopper and their scooters.  Of course Ivy didn't stick to the roads, but she enjoyed following Ethan around the roads as best as she could.  It was also great for both of them to improve their scooting skills, working on corners and turns for Ethan and learning to go forwards instead of backwards for Ivy.

We've also drawn in some other features along the way, like stop signs and traffic lights which Ethan is happy to follow as he drives down the road.  He has also created his own petrol station where he stops to fill up his car when it's running low, before getting back on the road to drive.  He adds new and exciting elements to his roads each time that he goes out there, it's great for me to see him being so creative and engaged in an activity.  Bring on the rain so we can draw new roads tomorrow!

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