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Follow my Water Footprints


We are loving all of this warm summer weather and making the most of all the water play we can do! We played a little game of follow my footprints in the backyard today using our builders tray / tuff spot and just our feet.

It was such a simple idea, but the kids absolutely loved it!  We started out by just splashing our feet around in the water, a great way to cool the kids down on a hot day and of course fun for them to get as wet as possible in just such shallow water.

Then it was time to make our footprints!  I showed Ethan that if he stepped out of the water and onto the dry patio he would be able to see his footprints behind him.  Ivy followed along behind him automatically, just because that's what little sisters do!  We talked about the footprints that we were leaving and how they started to fade quite quickly as the sun dried the water on the ground.  We stepped onto each others footprints and talked about the different sizes of feet and whose were the biggest and the smallest.

Then it was time to run back to the water and get our feet wet all over again to make more prints!  It's a great activity on a very hot day as our prints were drying so quickly that they could play new games each time that they stepped out of the tray.  Ivy was just loving running back and forth and getting water everywhere!

I don't know how these two are going to cope as the weather gets colder and we're not able to play outside in the water any more, it has become part of our daily routine!  For now we are making the most of it and having fun splashing around and learning as much as we can through our water play.

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