1 year old

Laundry Basket Posting


Some days you just need to set up a quick and simple activity to keep the little ones busy, and this is definitely exactly that activity.  At 17 months Ivy is in the phase that she enjoys taking items in and out of different containers and loves posting items through small spaces, so we found a really simple posting activity to keep her busy today.

As I was trying to get some laundry done and Ivy was taking the clothes that I was folding out of the basket I was inspired to find another way to get her involved.  So I took out another laundry basket, turned it upside down and gave her some pom poms to push through the holes of the basket.

The pom poms that we used were slightly bigger than the holes, so it was a bit of a challenge for Ivy to find different ways to use her hands to post the pom poms.  She was very determined to get them all through, then very interested in retrieving them from under the basket and starting all over again.  It kept her busy for ages and I was able to finish folding all of the laundry!

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