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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids


I like to get the kiddies a little something for every occasion, so I'm on the hunt for Valentine's pressies that would be suitable for a one year old and a three year old. Obviously Ethan would be happy just to get some chocolates, but I'm searching for a little something special as well.

Of course there is the traditional cuddly teddy bear holding a heart (or even a Care Bear), which I love and may very well get for Ivy.  Then there's also some lovely games like Where's My Cupcake which is just cute, and Where's My Mummy which reinforces animal mum and baby relationships.  There are some cute toys like this family of rubber ducks for bath time fun and this wooden hearts tea set that Ethan and Ivy would definitely love to play with together.  There's also a hearts bead set that would be great for Ethan's fine motor control and threading practice.

Then there's the crafts!  First a cute little card making kit for all those Valentine's Day cards, and maybe a heart stamper set to go with it.  Or you could go for a heart shaped jewellery box or heart shaped chest decorating kit.

I am also loving all of the different Valentine's themed books and may go for something like this Hugs and Kisses touch and feel board book for Ivy and Valentine's Day in Vicarstown (Thomas and Friends) for Ethan.  Now I can't wait to see them open their little pressies on Valentine's Day!

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