3 years old

Simple Valentine's Day Cards for Nursery Friends


Ethan goes to quite a large nursery school, and we've all been a bit under the weather this week, so we really needed a simple idea for Valentine's Day cards to give to his friends at nursery.  We started by making some little cards on the computer, with Ethan helping every step of the way.  He's getting better at identifying letters, so I tell him which letters to type and he presses them (with some help pointing them out) and helped me to insert the heart shapes.

Then we got some small plastic bags, heart shaped sweets and Valentine's stickers to make our simple Valentines.  I put the card in the bag, then Ethan counted out 5 sweets and put them inside, then I folded the bag over and Ethan sealed it with a Valentines sticker (or 3!)

We did this over and over again, incredibly without Ethan sneaking any sweets in between!  They aren't the most impressive Valentines ever, but I'm sure that his little friends will be happy with the sweets!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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