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Aveeno and the Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie


Unfortunately for us, Ethan and Ivy both have eczema and very dry skin.  It flares up at different times of the year, and is caused by different triggers.  At the moment, as it's winter and very dry in our house, they have both been having skin flare ups.  Both of them have been prescribed different lotions to help alleviate the symptoms, but I don't find that they always work and I don't particularly like to use such harsh creams on them if I don't have to as their eczema is not too severe.  I tried a few different non-prescription lotions before without great results, so I was happily surprised when I tried Aveeno and found that it was gentle on both kids skin and helped clear up their dry skin.

Aveeno have now come up with a series of books called The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie, a little girl and her gecko who both have dry skin.  The books are written by children's author Penelope Harper, and the first in the series is called Bye Bye Dry Skin which you can download from Aveeno's website.

It describes why it's so important to apply your lotion everyday and about having a bath using the different Aveeno products to help your skin to feel better.  I read it to Ethan whenever he's having a flare up as he can be quite resistant to using his lotion and staying still while I apply it, and it really helps him to understand.  Even when we were away on holiday and I needed to put his lotion on and we didn't have the book, I just reminded him of Ellie and Eddie and that was enough to get him to sit still to put his cream on, result!

* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Aveeno products and a copy of the book Bye Bye Dry Skin to read and try out, to then write an honest review about. *

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  1. I've been using Aveeno for years. It truly is the best cream for dry skin.


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