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Love Bug Valentine's Day Cards


We are making Valentine's Day cards to give to friends and family, and we decided to make them look like ladybugs (or love bugs for Valentines!)  I prepared the materials by cutting some red card into heart shapes and cutting two small slits in the middle of each heart to put a lollipop through.

Then Ethan drew spots on the ladybug's back.  I used this opportunity to help him to draw circles as well as counting the number of spots that he drew and drawing the same number of spots on each side of the ladybug.

Ivy was even able to help by using some heart and kiss stampers to make spots on her ladybirds.  We have this Melissa and Doug Happy Handle Stamp Set that we really like, it's great for little hands.

The next step was to put the lollipops through the slits in the ladybug, which was a great exercise for Ethan's fine motor control.  Then I wrote cute sayings like 'You're my love bug' and 'Some buggy loves you' on them, and signed them from Ethan and Ivy, ready to give to their friends!

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